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Jerdon Dresel

Research Intern on Circadian Clock Biology

Jerdon Dresel PortraitMy research in the Loewe lab explores interactions among the various proteins that make up the circadian clock system in our model organism, Drosophila melanogaster.  Primarily, we examine how these proteins work together to cycle the daily oscillations of the fruit fly and how the cycle resets itself under normal light-dark cycling. By collecting all of the data on this system through a large meta-analysis of peer-reviewed literature and running computerized simulations of the entire data set, we hope to better understand how this system works. In the past, I have also conducted research on limb development in Drosophila melanogaster.  This project involved the dissection of third instar larva and the use of indirect immunohistochemistry to analyze changes in cell growth that affected wing development.



B.S. in Genetics, 2015

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Aside from my focus on the circadian clock system, I am also interested in the ongoing research of developmental biology.  I have always been fascinated by the way every living organism on the planet starts as a single cell and has a structured plan to develop into any variety of things, from mosquitoes to elephants.  In the future, I plan to pursue these interests through academic avenues or industry work related to animal breeding.


Dresel, JerdonScheuer, Kate, Loewe, Laurence (2013) "Interactions of the F Box Protein Jetlag in Circadian Clocks, Undergraduate Symposium", Poster at the Union South, UW-Madison, 2013 April 18 (first presented), 2015 Aug 25 (updated). (PDF).



S.N. Bose Scholars Program (Summer 2013)