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Cecilia Moog

Consultant on Evolvix Design and Researcher of Lignin Biosynthesis

Cecilia Moog PortraitI have been interested in research since my junior year of high school, when I was given the amazing opportunity to intern at a plant development lab at NYU.  My time in the Birnbaum Lab made it clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in research.  I’m excited to be in a computation lab and that I have the opportunity to expand my purview of the scientific world. 


Outside of academic pursuits, I enjoy skiing, kayaking, and trying new food.  I’m always ready to dig through thrift stores for interesting finds, and I look forward to traveling after college.  



Current Undergraduate (Sophomore) in Genetics

University of Wisconsin-Madison


I am also working toward a Certificate in Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society.




My work in the Loewe Lab has a couple of aspects.  First, I work with Laurence Loewe on aspects of Evolvix design and serve as a consultant with a biological sciences background.  We work on language design to try to optimize use by biologists.  The other aspect of my work is investigating genetic engineering of lignin for optimal use by the paper pulping industry.  I hope to be able to model how changes in lignin composition effect the conditions required for pulping. 


Outside of my work in the Loewe Lab, I am also a lab technician at the USDA – ARS in Madison.  My work there revolves around investigating avenanthramide production in oats affected by crown rust.  I also have previous experience in a developmental plant lab at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU.