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Erik Nolan

Undergraduate Researcher of Circadian Clock Biology

Erik Nolan PortraitI am passionate about biological and genetic processes and hope to one day apply them to public health. I have always been especially interested in evolutionary biology and the methods by which organisms adapt and change over time. That interest has led me towards the evolving science of genetics, which I would like to one day apply to medicine. I hope to continue onto graduate school after my time at UW-Madison. 



Current Undergraduate (Junior) in Biology -- Evolutionary Option

University of Wisconsin-Madison



My work with the Loewe Lab has involved helping to model the circadian clock of Drosophila melanogaster. Primarily, I have looked into the mechanism of clock-network synchronization, as well as the molecular signaling cascades that govern circadian processes. 



Nolan, Erik with the Loewe Lab (Scheuer, Kate and Loewe, Laurence) (2016) "A Proposed Role for Melatonin: Circadian Regulation in Drosophila melanogaster", Poster at the Undergraduate Symposium, UW-Madison, 2016, April 14. (PDF).