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Noah Waters

Undergraduate Researcher of Circadian Clocks

Noah Waters PortraitI am an energetic, passionate college freshman looking to build upon an expanding skill set of knowledge. I consistently demonstrate academic excellence and participation in extracurricular activities, including a commitment to community and social responsibility.



Current Undergraduate (Freshman) in Biology

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Diploma, 2015

Brookfield High School



I am currently researching cryptochrome's involvement in the circadian clock and how it directly regulates light-dependent mechanisms in organisms. I'm also interested in any form of research that focuses on the general make-up of an organism and how its structures and processes function throughout life. 



Waters, Noah, Scheuer, Kate, and Loewe, Laurence (2016) "The Role of Clockwork Orange and MicroRNA in the Drosophila melanogaster Circadian Clock", Poster at the Undergraduate Symposium, UW-Madison, 2016, April 14. (PDF).


Waters, Noah, Scheuer, Kate, and Loewe, Laurence (2015) "The Function of Evening and Morning Oscillators in the Circadian Clock", Poster at the Undergraduate Research Scholars presentation session, UW-Madison, 2015, December 9. (PDF).


Additional Experience

Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM) Program (June--August, 2014)

During this time, I participated in a six-week summer program for carefully selected high school students at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The program consisted of lectures, clinical hands-on experiences, and clinical shadowing. I was able to observe a radiation oncologist for a total of fourteen hours at Froedtert Hospital Cancer Care Center, locaded in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.